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Guest Authentication/Connection

Hello. Please forgive me if this is basic. I've completed ClearPass Essentials but I'm still very new at this.


I've set up a very basic guest access scenario in our office using an Aruba Instant AP with ClearPass. I seem to be able to log in on my iphone to our guest network after requesting a guest id. But when I try to do the same thing from my Windows 10 laptop, I'm unable to connect. I receive the screens that I've attached.


On the first screen, when I click on "Open Network Login Page", it yields nothing. Clicking on "Advanced" yields the 2nd screen. On the 2nd screen, clicking on "Accept the Risk and Continue" yields nothing (stays on same screen).


The third attachment is the Access Tracker detail from the message after I attempt to authenticate (Error Code 216).


I am not using Active Directory. Is this a certificate issue?   



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Re: Guest Authentication/Connection



First of all you shoud replace the built-in certificate with a valid public signed one.


in the screenshot of the acces tracker i see a user auth failure, what authentication sources do you use? can you share the complete service details?


If you are completely new to guest, i advise you to watch the video's on ABC networking around guest, from Herman Robers:


It will explain what services to build and how to configure it on Instant.

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Re: Guest Authentication/Connection

Thank you for trying to help me.

So on the certificate, are you saying that I must purchase one from a provider like Verisign in order for this to work properly?


As for the Access Tracker, I've attached the full screen. The user auth failures are password errors in attempted logins to the IAP and the MAC authentication failure for my windows laptop. The MAC authentication for my iphone seems to be ok. 


I modeled this after the guest labs in the ClearPass Essentials class. There are three services involved. One for "Guest MAC Authentication", one for the "Guest User Authentication with MAC Caching", and one for
"Guest Access" (in that order on the services screen, which I've also included a screenshot of).


I am using Guest User Repository and Local SQL DB as the Authentication Sources (screen shots attached of the Authentication Sources screen for each of the three services in the order they appear on the services list).


Many thanks for your help. I will also watch the youtube video.



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