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Guest Captive Portal with SMS OTP

Hi All

I have a request to impliment OTP on a Guest page.

What the client wants is the user must connect to the WiFi, they get redirected to a registration page (similar to a self registration page), on the page they enter their Names and Cellphone Number. When the user click submit they must redirect to a new page to enter the received OTP and click connect and WiFi connectivity must be supplied.

The Customer wants to be in control of the OTP being sent - hence Clearpass must send the cell number entered on the registration page to the OTP server - from there the OTP server will generate the OTP and send it to the User Cellnumber -- this is entered on the Redirected OTP page -- so in my mind Clearpass must also know what the OTP code is that was generated by te OTP server before authenticating the user/device.


Is something like this possible with Clearpass and where do I start?

I know about the Token server setup but how to achieve the required I am unclear on.....

I am open to Suggestions of how to achieve this or something similar.....

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Re: Guest Captive Portal with SMS OTP

There is nothing that is going to allow something else to be the generator of the OTP.  We do have similar workflows where we send the password that was auto generated over SMS and they then need to enter it to login.

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