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Contributor I

Guest Multi Language

Looking for some direction on using different languages within CPPM Guest.  I see that guest operators have the ability to use different languages either by selecting the language at the guest operator login page or by selecting the language inside the guest operator profile.  I have two questions related to this.  The first question is there a way to change the language to auto-detect/user select for the web login and self-registration pages or do I need to create separate pages for each language used?  The second is the terms of service.  I have a need to have 8 different ToS for various locations around the world that will be dependent on the location/language chosen.  If I require the user to check the “accept the terms”, I am only allowed a single terms page under guest manager.   What would be the best way to get around this?

Aruba Employee

Re: Guest Multi Language

I'm in the middle of writing an article that covers how to use the browser's language setting send you to an appropriate portal. I can email you a draft if that is of interest. This is all likely to be superseded by v6.4...
Occasional Contributor I

Re: Guest Multi Language

I'm interested to do registration portal in different languages, you have documentation on how to do? Is posible auto detect browser language?

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