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Guest Pre-Registration field



I'm trying to setup a Guest Registration screen on our ClearPass Guest server where a "Room Number" and "Last Name" will already exist in the SQL Authenticaiton source.


I am trying to make it so that if the guest does not enter in a room number and lastname that matches the return SQL Query results they will not be able to create the guest account.


Is this possible? I have setup the guest registration feild as Pre-registration required and in the query it returns the "lastname".  As attributes in the in SQL Filter i have added lastname as an attritube but Clear Pass Guest is always returning "No account found"


There also doesnt seem to be any log files with this its hard to debug whats happening.


Anyone have any ideas?




Re: Guest Pre-Registration field




It looks like you're triying to achieve a 2-step process.

1. Authenticate as Roomnumber + Lastname

2. If authenticated - allow self-registration


Well - why not just authenticate against roomnumber + lastname? You should be able to do that using roomnumber as username and lastname as password...


In your filter add a result with name like "Lastname", Alias name "User_Password" and it should work as normal username/password authentication.



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Re: Guest Pre-Registration field

I ended up building my own Captive Portal to use that does not allow the user to login untill the Room Number and Lastname has been verified.  It then sends it to ClearPass for authentication and uses the Guest Module for AirGroup.


Thanks for the reply though.

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