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Guest access with sponsor approval



I have a problem with the sponsor approval for guest access. I am using CPPM in conjunction with IAP. I have created a default guest SSID with an external captive portal, including MAC authentication on the IAP cluster.


In CPPM I created a service policy via the template "Guest Authentication with MAC Caching". I created a self-registration portal under Guest. The self-registration page works perfectly, when I don't enable sponsor approval.


Next I have enabled sponsor approval on the self-registration page. I also editted the form of the Registration Page. 



Now I have the following problem:

  1. The guest connects to the guest networks and is assigned the Exteral CP role in IAP;
  2. The guest is redirected to the Registration Page;
  3. The guest fills in username and mail address and hits "Register";
  4. The guest isn't redirected to the Receipt page, but gets the error "HTML page not found"

In the background the sponsor receives the mail to approve the account and is able to approve the account. So every thing seems to work, except that the guest isn't redirected properly to the receipt page.

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