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Guest pass print out with serial number



End user would like to print out the username and password that generate by the "Create Multiple" let's said 10 users account but with 1 condition they want each user account print with a serial number for record purpose. I have try to add in some coding in the "customization" the print out templete, it doesn't seem perfect cause the serial number is just refer back the username and front with "0000" for example username for the guest account is abc123 and the serial number will be "0000abc123". Does anybody have a better solution?


Re: Guest pass print out with serial number



Well - you can add the ID field (internal system user ID) to a Print Template. That would give you a "serial number" for Print outs.

Note that it will not show in the "Create Multi Result" page, but you will have to select the "Print" and select the new Print Template.


Customization > Print Templates

Duplicate the Account List template, and edit the new one.


Add the following code to the appropriate section of the html.


   <th class="nwaLeft">SerialNo</th>
   <td class="nwaBody">{$|escape}</td>


So the key there is the {$|escape} that gives you the said value.


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Re: Guest pass print out with serial number

Another option is to set the Username Type (aka random_username_method) to Sequential Ordering.  On Customization > Guest Manager, this will this display a prefix to enter.  The length then becomes the padding.


Length 5, Prefix WiFi:




Lenfth 4, Prefix _role_name (Note the underscore)




Note this does make the usernames guessable, so you want a stricter password.





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