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Guest self-registration redirect to login

How do you configured the self-registration process so that guests are sent their credentials and redirected to the login page upon form submittal? Currenlty my configuration is auto-logging in the guest after form submittal, if I disable the auto-login capability then the form cannot be submitted causing the action of sending the receipt not to occur.

Re: Guest self-registration redirect to login

You could display a login link on the receipt page, so users would have to click it to get to the login page, then login.

Or you could possibly use some coding skills (which I don't have) to automatically redirect to the login page instead of the receipt page.

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Re: Guest self-registration redirect to login

At the receipt page the user has to click the "login" button to ensure the receipt is sent to them via email/sms. When they click the "login" button it also authenticates them automatically, which is what I would like to prevent. In summary, I need the receipts sent but the autologin function disabled. Unfortunately I do not have coding skills either. LOL

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Re: Guest self-registration redirect to login

Just got off the phone with a TAC engineer who provided a quick and easy solution! Way to go Aruba TAC!


The solution is simple, enter the code shown below into the footer of the receipt page. This code causes a redirect action to occur before the receipt page is shown while also triggering the text/sms receipts to be sent. Remember to update the URL in code below to reflect the name of your ClearPass server and guest registration page.


<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url="/>

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