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Guest users stuck on Captive Portal page

I am on 650 controller version

I have a problem at numerous sites for guest access.

Copied the config from the Aruba KB for (id 154) for guest access and captive portal.

The users cannot get past the captive portal page, despite a welcome page being configured:


Captive Portal Authentication Profile "PublicInternet-cp_prof"
Parameter                                     Value
---------                                     -----
Default Role                                  guest
Default Guest Role                            guest
Server Group                                  default
Redirect Pause                                1 sec
User Login                                    Disabled
Guest Login                                   Enabled
Logout popup window                           Disabled
Use HTTP for authentication                   Enabled
Logon wait minimum wait                       5 sec
Logon wait maximum wait                       10 sec
logon wait CPU utilization threshold          60 %
Max Authentication failures                   0
Show FQDN                                     Disabled
Use CHAP (non-standard)                       Disabled
Login page                                    /upload/custom/PublicInternet-cp_prof/haup.html
Welcome page                       

Show Welcome Page                             Yes
Add switch IP address in the redirection URL  Disabled
Allow only one active user session            Disabled
White List                                    N/A
Black List                                    N/A
Show the acceptable use policy page           Disabled


I've seen numerous forum messages with the same problem.

I've entered:


(config) #aaa authentication wired
(Wired Authentication Profile) #profile default


which was the solution for one, but I still have the problem.


Any ideas?


Please let me know if you require any of my other config...


At other sites, I've had to bypass the Captive portal, but this is not ideal for legal reasons, for guest users to agree to our AUP.




Re: Guest users stuck on Captive Portal page

assuming you want to redirect your users to Google, you need the http:// in front of the




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Re: Guest users stuck on Captive Portal page

Similar issue, except I do NOT want to redirect the users to a welcome page or a default URL once authenticated. I want them to be redirected to what was originally requested. I am integrated with clear pass and have verified that I am not forcing the users to load anything once authenticated to the clearpass captive portal. By changing the welcome page around, this is the setting that is getting forced on wireless clients for redirection. 'Show Welcome Page' is not checked. Is there configuration change I need to make to allow for dynamic redirection to the originally requested website? From the documentation it sounded like this was the default action if nothing was specified. Even with 'show welcome page' unchecked, i still have to put something in the welcome page. the controller will not accept a null value.



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Re: Guest users stuck on Captive Portal page

I just removed the corporate page, and omitted the http://, so on the actual config, it is there. I'll edit my OP to reflect the rela config...

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Re: Guest users stuck on Captive Portal page

looks like there is a problem with the 6.1.x.x code for this issue, as detailed in:


Please update the first ticket, as it seems we have some Aruba support actually admitting there is a fault nnow and working on it.

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