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Guests doesn't get allowed after captive portal

I've been struggeling with this on paper straight forward task for a while now, but can't get it to work.

If a user connects to the guest network, he is presented with the captive portal. After logging in, the MAC is added to the Endpoints repository. But the user just redirected back to the first CPPM site, ie. /tips/welcome.action.


When trying to browse the web, user gets redirected back to captive portal. Nothing in the access logg.


If user (after MAC has been added to Endpoints) disconnects network and connects again, access is rejected.


If I try changing the enforcement policy default profile to "Allow Access Profile", the user is allowed - but obviously - this is not the wanted behaviour since everyone connecting to network is allowed :)


But I think it is within the enforcement policy the problem is.


Any advice is welcome, thanks!

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Re: Guests doesn't get allowed after captive portal

Can I run the wizard for Guest with Mac cache again or will I ruin something?

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