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Guides for MFA with ClearPass



our customer wants a MFA solution (O365 => explanation how to do this with NPS ) on their SSLVPN (Checkpoint) with authentication to ClearPass. Is there somewhere an integration guide on how to implement this?

I was thinking about something like 3 fields on their VPN solution:

1 = user 

2 = Password

3 = Token,

But how can ClearPass distinguish the Password and Token, how does it receives this and how can we process the password to the AD authentication source and the token to the TokenServer ?

Is this somewhere explained in detail?


are their guides how to implement MF-authentication in any way with ClearPass?





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Re: Guides for MFA with ClearPass

ClearPass is lacking on MFA support so I believe you just need to forwards all the requests to NPS from ClearPass.


I've tried this with PrivacyIDEA MFA and it works well. With ClearPass I can get better visiblity to the requests and I can also add VSA towards for example FortiGate. PrivacyIDEA can also add group information but it's not that intuitive as in ClearPass

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