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HTTPS certificate



I have just renewed the https certificate, it is installed and seems ok.  the expiry date is now 2020 and showing on the CPPM certificate section in both CPPM servers - pub/sub.


The subscriber is serving the new certificate but the publisher seems to be still serving the old one, even though the new one is installed and listed as the certificate.


Shortly afterwards I started getting a DB change notification unstable error - which I often get after a configuration change.  It clears after a nightly database cleanup.


So the question is, what can I do to make the certificate appear as it should be doing!?



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Re: HTTPS certificate

it got worse, on the date of the certificate expiration, access tracker wouldn't work and the subscribers wrongly indicated that the publisher was down.


Ticket response was to log into CLI and solve the issue by


service restart cpass-system-auxiliary-server

service restart cpass-admin-server

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