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Help - Loading form field values from CSV for ClearPass Guest

Hey all,

So I have been playing around with ClearPass Guest and have come up with an idea that I'm not sure is even possible and would love to get some input from the community.

I work at a college and we use ClearPass Guest to offer free wi-fi to guests at events that are hosted within our campuses. The users connect to a generic "Event" SSID and can self-register through a ClearPass Guest captive portal. In the self-registration form they can select an event name from a dropdown so that marketing can track users to events. These events can last anywhere from a few hours, such as a luncheon, to several days, such as a conference. 



As it lies right now I have to manually edit the event form field to include the event key/value pair for every event and then remove them after the event is over. Another issue is that the form sets the user account to expire after 24 hours. 


This has been working fine for us, but is a little heavy on the administrative side. I was thinking that it would be great to have something like a CSV file on the network that ClearPass could pull the data from. I can already get ClearPass to pull the options for the event dropdown from a CSV file on a webserver, however I would love to be able to pull additional info such as expire_time from the same file.


I have looked NwaCsvCache, NwaParseCsv and  NwaVLookup. But I have no idea how to use them properly.


I know that was long winded, so thanks for actually reading it.

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Help - Loading form field values from CSV for ClearPass Guest

Hey Happy,

In your CSV file, did you create a column called expire_time and add values for that column?


Just tap it in,



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Re: Help - Loading form field values from CSV for ClearPass Guest


Thanks for replying.

No I did not.
The way it is setup right now is a field called "NC_event_name_test" loads a CSV of options for a dropdown list. I haven't been able to figure out how to load any additional information from the same CSV for other fields, such as expire_time. The CSV is currently just key/value pairs.


Here is some screenshots of the field configuration:

CPguest event field - 1.PNGCPguest event field - 2.PNG







And the CSV is as follows:

Test 1,Test Event 1
Test 2,Test Event 2
Test 3,Test Event 3

I know that there is probably a much better way to do this.
Just learning as I go



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