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Help with smarty functionality - URL redirection

Our ClearPass Guest device registration pages seem to be good to go. In a web login page I've got


{if $smarty.server.SSL_TLS_SNI == ''}
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=">
{elseif .....


So anything using FQDN gets redrected to


That's all and well, but at some point what the user sees nees to be expanded to using other mydevicesxb .... URLs, e.g. being able to modify / delete any of your registered devices. While I can set this up in ClearPass Guest, its a bit pointless if the smarty script just redirects things to ...mac_create.php


What would be the smarty code to check for 


if url= then .....mac_create.php

else if url:<some other path> then allow access to the supplied URL?




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