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High CPU Usage on Amigopod

Hello everyone,


We have an Amigopod deployment that's experiencing very high CPU load for essentially the entire time that users are in the building.  We suspect this is due to it being an open SSID with a guest T&C page so smart devices connect because it is open and all of their polling for updates gets redirected to this guest logon page and it is hammered with requests.


My question is, is there any way to drop into a Bash shell to confirm that is indeed httpd consuming the majority of the clock cycles and to investigate introducing an opcode cache to reduce server load?  I've looked but all I can ever seem to get to is the Aruba menu, which is rather useless, and I can't seem to find a report where it lists the load created by each process.




Re: High CPU Usage on Amigopod

System Information will show your current server load, there's also a process list there if you think httpd is at fault.  How are you currently monitoring the system CPU?


Note that Amigopod already uses an opcode cache so there is no gain to be had there.

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Re: High CPU Usage on Amigopod

I can see system load, and am able to monitor the load through the vSphere console, but I wanted to verify that it is specifically httpd creating the load. I can also see the process list, but it doesn't list percent usage per process or clock cycles per process. I just want to ensure that it is httpd creating the issue because at this point it doesn't appear that throwing more cores at the VM is the solution, it has 4 and 2 average about 95% load, and the other two average about 25% so it doesn't appear that the cores are being well utilized beyond dual core.
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