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How Clearpass does NMAP fingerprinting profile match?



I cant understand how Clearpass Policy Manager works on endpoint classification using NMAP profiling.


If I understand right, there are some predefined signatures that define mappings between NMAP scan results (in terms of , host.ports) and labels (Device Family, Device Name,etc) you want apply to endpoint.


It seems working fine, and usually predefined signatures match 99% fine (device is identified proprerly). On other hands al lot of devices aren't matched by those signatures, so it becomes pretty common need to define custom signatures.


I followed guide "ClearPass Profiling TechNote V1.2" and I added custom signaures (my test case is on Printer identification). 


More or less workflow is:


- Create new custom categoty (i.e. "Custom printer 1")

- Find an endpoint already scanned by NMAP but classified as "unknow"

- Import its signature (o part of it) as template into newly created custom category


(repeat this steps for all you custom category)


It makes sense... but it seems doesn't working :-(


In fact next NMAP scan puts all devices randomly on same custom category even if signature (get from device) doens't match template.


Any Idea?





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