How-To TACACS+ Template with CPPM

Ok so this is my first go at it but I now have a solution and how-to on ASE (Aruba Solution Exchange). I know a few of you so please no harassing notes since this is my first try :)


Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.31.30 PM.png


Big Kudos to Ravi @rmehra for helping me through and adding in the Clearpass export.


This is something that anyone can make and it took me a few hours with trial and error but after reading the how to and working through it, it ended up being pretty easy. For some of you that have already have made a few how to docs (Mobility Hero Contest) this is a great way of taking it to the next level. I did find that you will need to use IE11 if you want to copy and paste your whole word doc including pictures. 


In my solution 


You put in the IP address of CPPM, shared Key, and Switch IP address it will kick out a CLI config for your switch, a service that you can import into CPPM and a undo CLI config for the switch. At the bottom there is a button for you to email it to yourself and it will send you the CLI config, Undo CLI config and the instructions on how to manually setup CPPM. I will try to expand on this later with AD intergration and more advance TACACS rules, but as always time is a premium. 


Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.31.13 PM.png


Let myself and the ASE team know what you think and I hope some of you can come up with some great solutions that you use everyday that can help out others. 

Thank You,

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