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How do you handle client devices in BYOD?

How do you handle client devices in BYOD?
One of the biggest problems, I am having with BYOD, is the overwhelming amount of client devices out there.  Where I work we currently don’t have an MDM solution and we have absolutely no control over the client devices or their configurations
The business types advertise it as bring your own device, whatever you want and IT will support you no matter what you have. While that may sound great and may even be achievable given the right tools, I have come to realize that not only do you need to manage the technical part of BYOD, but you need to manage the clients expectations and give them realistic goals that can be achieved given the tools in your arsenal.
 If your well equipped with an MDM solution and some sort of granular AAA policy control you will be farther ahead, when you get that inevitable call from the client that just  can’t get on the network at the board meeting, and the client happens to be a frustrated VIP that has high expectations and just wants it to work.  It’s going to happen, the only question is will you be ready for it when it does?

Re: How do you handle client devices in BYOD?

Nice BYOD monologue. :smileyhappy:

I'm ready, are you? 

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Re: How do you handle client devices in BYOD?

I try to be ready, 


but BYOD is an ever moving target as every one knows, you never know what device the client is going to bring. how can you test for everything? you can't...


one of the simplest and easiest things I have found to help me with BYOD is , communication... yep thats right we have to talk to the clients and end users and set their expectations. otherwise people will promise them the moon.. and when they get to you , no matter what you do.. they will be disappointed.. so i find being honest helps alot ( hurts sometime too..) but at least people will know what to expect..




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