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How to on Mobile Devices Plugin

Cant seem to fine a document defining how to user the Mobile Devices plugin in Amigopod...  IS there one?



Re: How to on Mobile Devices Plugin

A detailed deployment guide is nearing completion - we will post an update when it is released. The interim you can work with your local SE or partner for assistance.

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Re: How to on Mobile Devices Plugin


is there any news on date for an updated document on this? I've gone through in details the old one from May 2011, and all the info here on Airheads and still can't get it to work properly. Made a Support case so now going through it all again while waiting for TAC to respond.


.. John

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Re: How to on Mobile Devices Plugin

Hi John,


Unfortunately that document is still stuck waiting from some resources to review internally before it gets published. Is there a particular issue you are experiencing that we might be able to help out with in parallel to your TAC case?



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