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How to use the print template variables?

Hello guys,
I'm pretty new to the Aruba world but I really like how it works and the features provided.

I configured a guest portal but I have troubles including in the print template used as the email receipt the variable



I can use without issues the variables:

nwa_print_template_field field="visitor_phone", nwa_print_template_field field="visitor_company"


I cannot make the following variable work:

nwa_print_template_field field="expire_postlogin"


I used the following code but without success, it seems like the variable is empty (returns 0 minutes) but this is not possible because all my guests accounts correctly expire.


<p>Expiration Time: <span>{nwa_print_template_field field="expire_postlogin"}</span></p>


On the other hand, I can correctly use for example:


<p>Full Name: <span>{nwa_print_template_field field="visitor_name"}</span></p>


Any help is much appreciated.


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