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Hyperlink on Splash Page

I would like to put a hyperlink on the internal captive portal splash page.  I added the link to the Walled Garden whitelist so it can be accessed pre-auth.  The purpose is to link to a more detailed "Terms of Use" (since the section of the splash page only allows 255 char).  Only makes sense to me to give guests an idea (not that many actually will care) what they're agreeing too before they agree.


Current behavior when I try:  I put an <a href> tag in, it looks good in the preview, strips the tag when saved.  Also tried through CLI with the same result.


Thanks for any help on this!


OS:  Aruba Instant

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In the Instant UI

 1.Select an existing wireless or wired profile. Depending on the network profile selected, the Edit <WLAN-Profile> or Edit Wired Network window is displayed.


You can also customize splash page design in the Security tab of New WLAN and New Wired Networkwindows when configuring a new profile.

 2.Navigate to the Security tab.
 3.Under Splash Page Visuals, use the editor to specify text and colors for the initial page that will be displayed to the users connecting to the network. The initial page asks for user credentials or email, depending on the splash page type (Internal - Authenticated or Internal -Acknowledged) for which you are customizing the splash page design.
 a.To change the color of the splash page, click the Splash page rectangle and select the required color from the Background Color palette.
 b.To change the welcome text, click the first square box in the splash page, type the required text in the Welcome text box, and click OK. Ensure that the welcome text does not exceed 127 characters.
 c.To change the policy text, click the second square in the splash page, type the required text in the Policy text box, and click OK. Ensure that the policy text does not exceed 255 characters.
 4.Click Next and then click Finish.


You can customize the captive portal page using double-byte characters. Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean are a few languages that use double-byte characters. Click on the banner, term, or policy in the Splash Page Visuals to modify the text in the red box. These fields accept double-byte characters or a combination of English and double-byte characters.

In the CLI

To customize internal captive portal splash page:

(Instant Access Point)(config)# wlan captive-portal

(Instant Access Point)(Captive Portal)# authenticated

(Instant Access Point)(Captive Portal)# background-color <color-indicator>

(Instant Access Point)(Captive Portal)# banner-color <color-indicator>

(Instant Access Point)(Captive Portal)# banner-text <text>

(Instant Access Point)(Captive Portal)# decoded-texts <text>

(Instant Access Point)(Captive Portal)# redirect-url <url>

(Instant Access Point)(Captive Portal)# terms-of-use <text>

(Instant Access Point)(Captive Portal)# use-policy <text>

(Instant Access Point)(Captive Portal)# end

(Instant Access Point)# commit apply

Thank You,

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Re: Hyperlink on Splash Page

I understand setting up the internal captive portal, and that is pretty much verbatim from the docs.  My question is geared moreso towards whether I can use the <a href> tag in the terms-of-use without it being stripped out when it's saved.


The internal is good enough for what we would use it for (especially if there's a way around this), so an external captive portal doesn't seem worth the effort for this one minor detail.


Re: Hyperlink on Splash Page

Hello MooNBeaR1


Check out this post by Nesvik:

Internal Captive Portal with automatic guest auth and redirect to welcome page - Jan14-Tutorial 


That is an automatic redirect, but still should give you an idea of how to create your own custom captive portal with any URL's you want. Depending on what to use them for - make sure you add them to a whitelist for the logon role ;)



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Re: Hyperlink on Splash Page

Thanks for the link, however, I'm assuming there's no simple answer to the question.  The link you provided is a little outdated, as, from what I can see, the ability to upload a customised page is no longer an option:


"Upload this file in "Management > Captive Portal > Upload Login Pages". Choose page type: Captive Portal Login (top-level)."


The interface no longer has the old tree-view.  That was also for automatic guest login and redirect - we are using the internal auth for guests (besides the point though).


So I think unless it becomes a much higher priority to put a clickable link there, I won't worry about external captive portal - I'll leave them with the full URL to copy/paste (much less "pretty").


Thank you for your efforts!

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Re: Hyperlink on Splash Page

It is possible to put a hyperlink on the default splash page of Instant. This is the code that worked for me:

<a href="url">link text</a>

In real life this would look something like:

<a href="">ArubaNetworks</a>


Hope this helps anyone that needs this


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Re: Hyperlink on Splash Page

Inline HTML elements are not able to be added to the built-in captive-portal on the IAP.  At least not on version

I am unsure whether or not it will be available in a later release.  I have been attempting the same thing for the last 2 hours on my IAP without luck.  Most often than not the splash page simply reverts to the last saved splash page without HTML elements.

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Re: Hyperlink on Splash Page

Dear Aruba Support,


Any Solution for this issue? especially the bug on the GUI I can't saved any changes to the use policy text box.

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Re: Hyperlink on Splash Page

Please open a TAC case to contact Aruba Support. This thread is very old.

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