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IAP-135 url redirect

I could use some input for the following scenario:  

IAP-135, open network, no external splash page server etc.

Is there a way to redirect wifi clients to a web page once connected?


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: IAP-135 url redirect

You could use the built in captive portal with an acknowledge page.  You have to use some type of captive portal to inject a redirect after connection.  

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Re: IAP-135 url redirect

Thanks for your reply.  I saw this.  I can upload a small logo but other than modifying the text, is there a way to customize the generic looking text boxes that display before the redirect?  It appears that this can be done when using a controller but I haven't seen documentation on changing this on an IAP.


Thank you.


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Re: IAP-135 url redirect

that is because it is not possible on an IAP, it is one of the limitations.

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