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IAP + ClearPass + Captive Portal (portal page does not come up)

I am evaluating Aruba so apologies - still learning the ropes here.


I have followed the guides (e.g. to setup a basic captive portal using an IAP and ClearPass PM / Guest.


I can connect to the guest SSID and can manually browse to the portal page, and can sign in successfully (verified by the event on "Access Tracker"), so connectivity is good. Guest network has access to the CPPM. My issue is that I have to manually browse to the portal page, it does not automatically come up when I connect and open the browser on the client device.


It seems to me there is a missing link between the "web logins" under Guest and the "service" on CPPM, where do these two things get tied together?


Could someone please give some ideas on how to troubleshoot further?




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Re: IAP + ClearPass + Captive Portal (portal page does not come up)

Check that the captive portal redirect on the IAP is pointing to the ClearPass Guest login page URL.

If this is a hostname, then a valid DNS entry needs to exist mapping the hostname to the ClearPass IP address.


Also, if you are using an iOS device and you have enabled "CNA Bypass" on either the IAP or ClearPass you will have to manually open a browser but the captive portal should display when you enter any URL.

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