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IAP & Clearpass guest - Bad redirection

Hello there,


My guest users are noticing an error while accessing the ClearPass guest portal :


A certificate warning is prompting when they click on "Connect" on the default SR portal from CPG.


We are using wildcard SSL certificate on both IAPs and CP.


With a Wi-Fi client connected to the IAP, when I try to display the page, I'm redirected to the master IP of my IAP VC, and that's why I am getting a certificate warning.



Why my IAP is redirecting the to his IP address instead of his hostname?



NB: is configured on NAS Vendor settings on the SR portal page under CPG.

NB2: this has stopped working after a reboot of the IAPs. I don't understand why...


Many thanks for your help





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Re: IAP & Clearpass guest - Bad redirection

Any idea?


I checked, and the "Use VC IP in redirect URL" is set to disabled under my external captive portal configuratio.

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