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IAP internal captive portal custom charset

hi folks,

i'm living in the country, where he have characters like Ä, Ö, Ü, Õ etc.


It seems reasonable able to change terms of use or welcome text to country's spoken language, but IAP does not allow to use these for internal captive portal. It's charset is probably not correct.


any way to change it (using IAP/Airwave?)?

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Re: IAP internal captive portal custom charset


I have exactly the same problem.

When I try to change one of the text messages on the captive portal with some of my country special characters always appear something lik this:


Apply policy changes to Group: ProfileX
 wlan captive-portal
  use-policy 50;61;72;61;20;71;75;65;20;73;65;20;73;69;6e;74;61;20;65;6d;20;63;61;73;61;2c;20;72;65;66;6f;72;63;61;6d;6f;73;20;65;73;74;65;20;73;65;72;76;69;63;6f;e7;
  decoded-texts policy


This only happens when using Airwave Internal Captive portal (version 8.2.7)

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