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IAP redirect question

Hi guys, this is my first time here so I hope I follow the rules correctly...


I have a question regarding my setup of an IAP 325 with Clearpass captive portal. I have been able to make this work perfectly when the Virtual Controller manages the IPs for the clients so I know the Clearpass guest registration portal and services are working correctly. I do not want the IAP to be accessable from the guest network so I set the client IP to be network assigned and in a separate VLAN to what the IAP is in. This is causing a problem when the client autheticates (the clients can reach the Clearpass webpages to register/login) and the webpage redirects to as that address resolves to an IP on the IAP that the clients can no longer reach.


How do I get around this problem? There must be a way of keeping the IAP in a separate management VLAN to the clients but how do I do that if part of the authentication is to communicate withthe IAP again?





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