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Re: IOS Devices not open Captive Portal Login Page

Hello, in your aaa-profile you can configure the Portal-URL
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Re: IOS Devices not open Captive Portal Login Page

Not able to auto-redirect the user to my Captive portal

We have developed a captive portal of our own with one of the ISP players in India. This captive portal has been developed for the 1st time by us. We have developed it from the scratch

However, i users are unable to be redirected to the captive portal post clicking on the SSID. The SSID is showing a message of "Unsecured Network"


Post reading few of the threads we have implemented few of the points at our end

  1. Configured/ Allowed redirection to port 443 in our server.xml file
  2. Installed valid SSL certificate on the webserver
  3. Tried both "White-listing & Blocking" - on our firewall


The only way the user is currently able to access the captive portal is as follows"

  1. User clicks on the SSID
  2. SSID shows a message "Unsecured Network" and no auto-redirection to captive portal
  3. User opens safari browser and types or or any other URL
  4. User is forced to the captive portal


Would be great help if we could get some support from Apple team in order to resolve this issue as we have been stuck for nearly 2-3 weeks on this issue

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