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IP Phones taking twice as long to boot using CP for Wired

Having read several posts here, including this one, and ensuring our enforcement profile contained all the essential info, we are stil having issues with the phones.


We are piloting CP for the wired and have been testing IP Phones.  Ive read several docs on this forum and the phones work, on the correct voice vlan, but they take twice as long (4 minutes) before they are usuable, compared with 2 minutes on a normal interface.


Possibly some sort of timeout issue?


Configured ussing these instructions:


This is the port config:


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
description VOICE-INT
switchport mode access
switchport nonegotiate
switchport voice vlan 99
authentication host-mode multi-domain
authentication order dot1x mab
authentication priority dot1x mab
authentication port-control auto
authentication periodic
authentication timer reauthenticate server
dot1x pae authenticator
dot1x timeout server-timeout 5
dot1x timeout tx-period 10
dot1x timeout supp-timeout 10
dot1x max-req 10
dot1x max-reauth-req 10
spanning-tree portfast


Any suggestions?


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Re: IP Phones taking twice as long to boot using CP for Wired

How about looking at the switch log.

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