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IPAD Auth against Sharepoint

Using ClearPass we have a guest and a Corp wireless implementation.


BYOD devices non company join the GUEST network


BYOD devices company owned such as a Android, Ipad, BES handle needs to join via 802.1x and this is working. Issues is auth a iPad so it can use a sharepoint portal.


Whats the best way to attack this?


Re: IPAD Auth against Sharepoint

Can you expand upon what is failing in this scenario?

Are you saying that the iPads get online and can browse, interact, communicate other than sharepoint?  e.g. have you tested other services, and it's just sharepoint that's non-functional, or are the iPads having larger difficulties?

Are Androids, Blackberry's etc (the other smart devices you identified) all working with the sharepoint portal as-is (same network) without issue ?



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Re: IPAD Auth against Sharepoint

At this stage all is working except ipads with sharepoint they they are getting auth prompts when the user browsers the portal site.

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Re: IPAD Auth against Sharepoint

This is usually normal behavior for SharePoint. Safari is not capable of using pass through authentication because you cannot log in to the iPad with AD credentials.


Is this an anonymous SharePoint site or one protect by Windows/Forms-Based authentication?

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