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Impact of promoting subscriber to publisher



I'm going to be adding a new server to a Clearpass cluster (all hardware appliances) and I'd like to make that new subscriber the  publisher. The existing publisher is kind of old and the new server has much more HD and memory so I'd like to make this the new dedicated publisher.


We are doing RADIUS and guest, no onboarding or onguarding yet. I see in the docs that the application licenses will be deactivated when you promote to publisher, does this mean the guest license will be deactivated? I'm assuming the policy manager licenses will be OK. What is the impact if the guest license is deactivated, will guest services still work and I'll just have to have support re-activate the license?


Also is there any other impact of changing the publisher that I'm missing?

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Re: Impact of promoting subscriber to publisher

I talked to the TAC about this and they said the deactivation doesn't always happen. But if it does it just requires a normal activation via the GUI with the license key.  Don't have to necesarily  call support to get it resolved.


BTW I did the promation last night and did not have to re-activate the guest application.

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