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Improve view in Clearpass Monitor (Profiled Endpoints)

Hi Airheads,


Currently when looking into profiled devices (CPPM -> Monitoring -> Live Monitoring -> Endpoint Profiler), the view is limited. In the device list, you can see MAC address – which is not very informative/useable.


See attached file.


Now we can see a list of MAC address. It would be more relevant to see the IP address of the device. This information is available when you click on the MAC address for each device. This view should show/display more relevant information. This could be the IP address instead of MAC address.


Also the sorting/filtering need to be improved. If a customer need to see all the devices that are profiled on a specific net, like 192.168.10.*, this could be a printer net or VOIP devices … etc. Then this information will display if any other types of devices are connected, that are not supposed to be there. Very valuable information.


The optimal solution would be if the user could select the fields that needs to be displayed, then it would be possible to modify the view to the exact needed information.

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Re: Improve view in Clearpass Monitor (Profiled Endpoints)

Can't u use insight to do this? Sure you can generate a report using appropriate search parameters
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