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Inactive Partition on Clearpass Platform

Hi Everyone, I am currently running firmware version my Publisher/Subscriber and it seems very stable. With the latest vulnerabilities released by Aruba, the aim is now to upgrade the firmware and I want to know if the following is possible. 1. My inactive partition on Publisher is on a previous stable firmware version of Can I take a backup of my current ACTIVE partition (6.5.7), boot my Inactive partition to make it the active partition and load the backup of my current active partition to ensure I have a stable "inactive" partition to perform a roll back if required? 2. Once the above is possible, I can proceed to perform an upgrade of the "inactive" partition (Current active) by changing the boot image back to the original. (At this point both partitions will be on 6.5.7) 3. What are the risks especially when booting with inactive partition as I guess all certs etc will be lost but ideally I want to know if I can load the backup or do I need to go through the software upgrade process on inactive partition until I reach the same version i.e. 6.5.7 before applying the backup? Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Re: Inactive Partition on Clearpass Platform

If you are upgrading to 6.6.+ versions then it will automatically make your 6.5 version the backup partition. If the 6.6.+ is corrupted then you can boot from the second partition and move back to 6.5.+.

You can not move to the old partition and then upgrade it and still keep the 6.5.+ version. CPPM uses the second partition as the new versions partition so it will wipe your 6.5.+ to upgrade and still set the 6.3 as the inactive again.

The two separate partitions are used for version upgrades. 6.4 to 6.5. It will use the same partition for patch releases. 6.5.1 to 6.5.2.
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