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Insight issues on new server

Just tried to bind a new insight server to our production cluster as the 5K VM  one present seems to be struggling so


1). Build 25K vm (6.7.0). Single ended as on different subnet to rest of cluster

2). Assign temp activation key

3).Ugrade to 6.7.3 - same release as cluster

4). Install rollback rpm

5). Install radius and https certs and appropraite CAs

6). Bind into cluster

7). Lots of tea while waiting

8). From master publisher enable insight on new node keeping original master insight

9). Log back onto new insight machine just to prove I can

10). At insight machine ":menu" page, select insight



Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /insight/login.

Reason: Error reading from remote server


Any thoughts ?



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Re: Insight issues on new server

So might this be new insight trying to talk to the master server and failing ?


Jut doing a big restore on all our cluster nodefs after upgrading to 6.7.3  andcan;t actually log onto the master insight server ....perhaps it needs a bit of time .....

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Re: Insight issues on new server

So solution was to switch the master insight system to be the new 25K vm .... and it sprang intio life. The previous master insight machine basically wasn't responding to much at all. Now that i've removed it from the cluster we;re seeing a marked improvement in not only insight related tasks but also general cluster operation




Re: Insight issues on new server

known bug in 6.7.3. Just need to refresh the page or wait for patch to fix. 6.7.4 is out, but not sure if it addresses this or not. Should be in the release notes.


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