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Insight report data lost after failover?

Does this make sense to anyone?


  • Pub has insight enabled and is insight master.
  • Sub has insight enabled as well.
  • Pub fails over to Sub and Sub becomes new Pub. (auto-promotion)
  • Join back the original Pub to the cluster as a Sub. Wait for sync
  • Promote it back to a Pub


Lose all insight data for reporting purposes the day the failover occurred?


Log directly into the Sub and I see data prior to the date of the failover and I try to run a report against that Sub from the Pub, report comes out empty...


In any case I opened a TAC case.

CPPM version 6.6.8..

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Re: Insight report data lost after failover?

yes it does.

This is one of the annoying thing bout the master publisher failover to a secondary. If it happens then you basically are installing a new cluster node from scratch, which is why it just becomes a subscriber and then you tell it to be a master publisher.


The db has been wiped , which is why you don't put your insight db  on a master publisher


Had discussions about why the master publisher / secondary publisher failover stuff was set up the way it is. Engineering said you couldn;t guarantee that a "fail-back" to the original publisher would work every time, the reason why it failed over to the secondary might still be there.


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