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Insight report of all eap-peap authenticated users

I'm looking to create a report in Insight (or maybe airwave) that will run daily and give me the usernames that have successfully authenticated within a given period.  


Use case is that I have a small wireless network and I want the usernames of everyone who succesfully authenticated in the past 24 hours.


My radius server is CPPM.  

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Re: Insight report of all eap-peap authenticated users

I think there may be a few ways to do this, but here's a way I setup:


1. Go to Insight and Create New Report

2. Category - RADIUS - Auth by ClearPass

3. Options - Include Raw Data in Output

4. Repeat Scheduled Report - Daily and set time

5. Then click Next

6. Under Filters - Authentication Method EQUALS EAP-PEAP

7. Under Columns - Select appropriate information you want to see


I think that should do it.

Michael Haring
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