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Integration of Clearpass with VPN clients in Watchguard Firewall

It is possible that customers who connect by VPN from their laptops, etc. and authenticate in the Firewall go through a second authentication that is Clearpass and assign Roles? that is to say that they authenticate first with the Firewall and later with Clearpass, perhaps with a local user database where the VPN users reside. I hope you can support me.
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Re: Integration of Clearpass with VPN clients in Watchguard Firewall

Generallty speaking we did try to engage with WG about 2.5-years back but they lacked motivation to work with us. Specific to your VPN query, anything is possible but VPN creates additional hurldes due to it being a L3 connection and CPPM 'typically' wanting to see a endpoint mac-address in the auth. We can authN VPN but there can be some challanges especially if we need to trigger a post-auth action, i.e. update the firewall with some API call.



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