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Internal Captive Portal - RADIUS confirm not being accepted



I´m trying to configure an Internal Captive Portal on IAP-315, my external RADIUS Server is OK and it seems to be all right at RADIUS server. RADIUS  logs tell that client has been athenticated but client times out after some time. Here are my log from RADIUS server

Tue Nov 12 12:57:18 2019 : Auth: Login OK: [convidado08] (from client Aruba port 0 cli 5092b9f148f6) 

And last lines from radiusd -X


rlm_sql (sql) in sql_postauth: query is INSERT into radpostauth (id, user, pass, reply, date) values ('', 'convidado08', 'convidado08', 'Access-Accept', NOW())
rlm_sql (sql): Reserving sql socket id: 0
rlm_sql (sql): Released sql socket id: 0
++[sql] returns ok
Sending Access-Accept of id 13 to port 59119
Finished request 1.


So it seems to be sending an ok to my internal portal, but authorization does not proceed.


Here is my config:


wlan ssid-profile anchieta-academico
index 2
zone BR
type guest
essid anchieta-academico
opmode opensystem
max-authentication-failures 0
vlan 1007
auth-server daloRADIUS
rf-band all
captive-portal internal
captive-portal-proxy-server 443
dtim-period 1
broadcast-filter arp
radius-reauth-interval 240
dmo-channel-utilization-threshold 90
local-probe-req-thresh 0
max-clients-threshold 254


wlan auth-server daloRADIUS
port 1812
acctport 1813
key 3361295e9c2cec962f8a922aa4af98f8
nas-id Aruba
rfc5997 auth-only
drp-ip vlan 1 gateway
service-type-framed-user cp


wlan captive-portal
background-color 16777215
banner-color 15329769
decoded-texts banner/terms/policy
redirect-url ""
banner-text "42;65;6d;20;76;69;6e;64;6f;20;e0;20;55;6e;69;41;6e;63;68;69;65;74;61;"
terms-of-use "45;73;74;61;20;72;65;64;65;20;e9;20;64;65;73;74;69;6e;61;64;61;20;61;20;61;6c;75;6e;6f;73;20;65;20;70;72;6f;66;65;73;73;6f;72;65;73;2e;a;"
use-policy "46;61;76;6f;72;20;61;63;65;69;74;61;72;20;6f;73;20;74;65;72;6d;6f;73;20;64;65;20;75;73;6f;"


I get the Captive Portal Screen, fill in my data and check the terms of use accept, but it does not go any further.

There is no firewall blocking packages, as far as I know. What could be going wrong?


Thanks in advance,



Ricardo Aguilera


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