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Issue with android TLS authentication



We have a issue with onboarded android clients on our 802.11x with TLS authentication network.


The android clients are able to onboard, and connect to the network initially, but after 2-3 reconnects, the phone are unable to authenticate, and also often looses its network profile, and asks for credentials from the user. We then have to re-onboard the client, and it then works for a while, before the problem is back. We are using clearpass as issuing ca.



We have tested several phones, and it does not seem to be related to a specific android version.


We have had the same problem on clearpass version 6.3 and 6.4.


Does anyone have similar problems? Is PEAP the preferred authentication method on android clients?


Re: Issue with android TLS authentication

TLS is the preferred method for all device types currently. Perhaps there is a setting with your onboard provisioning that's causing this? 


When the issue is happening, is the device even attempting authentication?  Have you opened up a support case?


Could you paste your onboard config screens here?

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Re: Issue with android TLS authentication

If you can, try hooking one of the offending devices up to USB and use the adb logcat command to get the debug logs off of the device itself.  It takes jumping through a few hoops to get them, but they contains tons of useful debug info when troubleshooting android problems.

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