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License query


We have license -access license of 200 k end points . We don't have license for posture .

Currently we are planning to do vlan enforcement or DACL

Do these feature need any additional license to be deployed ? My gut feeling says no but just to check here with experienced people.

I know posture needs a separate license ,same is with onboard .

But vlan or DACL are RADIUS response in an attribute so not sure abt it

Re: License query

No, you are all set.
Thank You,

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Re: License query

Only Access license is needed fir this, good to go.

With posture you mean onguard, onguard license is only needed when you use the onguard endpoint client for checking client health etc.

Onboard licence is only needed for onboarding, a certificate enrollement for byod devices.
Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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