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Licensing Dilemma

We are in a bind.  Realized that we were undersold capacity and have attempted to purchase a 5K appliance to resolve licensing issues, but we have to work through the federal procurement process and have had vendors' bids accepted, only to have them back out after a month or so of their effort to complete the process. That menas we start over and it has caused delays in resolving the licensing dilemma.


This has placed us over the 500 limit andwe need to take whatever action we can to drop the numbers, at least temporarily.


We purchased additional perpetual guest licenses, but that's not enough, and very expensive, since our original plan was to allow each person on the wireless the ability to have two devices, a phone and a laptop.  That has resulted in going over the license limit and we cannot afford to have any stoppage of service since we are a school environment.


Is there anyway we can retroactively decrease the number of device licenses each user has and clear some license headroom in that manner?  Maybe by filtering on phones and deleting or disabling them.  Will this help?


Deleting by users and MACs for accounts that have expired will not help, since they are probably not in our average count anyway?


The newest vendor is supposed to be in within two weeks to install the newappliance, but yesterday we experienced a period when personnel could not gain access to the guest network.  They were unable to receive an IP address.  Not good.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Gib Gahan


Charlottesville, VA  22911


Re: Licensing Dilemma

Please work with Aruba TAC and your local Aruba partner or SE to get a proper workaround.


The ClearPass service should not stop for the end-users, maybe with the exception of Guest registration. I don't know what your deployment scenario is, and for that reason, it is best to work with TAC, partner, and Aruba SE.


Please send me a personal message (PM) with your contact details if you can't find out who to contact at Aruba. If you already opened a TAC case, please send me the case number in that same PM, so I can check for you the progress.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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