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Location code, html or php, captive portal - CPPM

I commented a bit what you want and what you have:


What you want to perform:

In the captive portal CPPM you want to change the website that has serious default (login.php) .This web page styles are taking one of the Skin of clearpass.Asimismo, this default page (login.php ), when the user or wrong password is typed captive portal page throws me a message "Invalid username or password" below the box where the user name is placed.

Reviewing have been able to reach a conclusion:

Website captive portal ClearPass you ask username and password is different from the one you show the message "" Invalid username or password "after failing to access.

attached a picture of the first pantallo asks me where data access (login.php)


What you have:

I have a custom website in ClearPass for authentication of, sers and is working well, now you want to know is where is stored in the ClearPass the html or php codes pages by default.

In short, what we want to know is where the code Website captive portal showing me before authenticate and where captive portal website where I show the error message stays staying " Invalid username or password ". Since they are two different websites.


He commented that are different because the first through the skin I leave it plain and when you put the password errorneo shows me the same page but on this occasion with style and everything.


attached codes displayed in browsers (before and after)

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