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Logging Level CPPM Data Puller

I have installed and configured the External Data Puller on Linux, everything is working great.  Is there any way to change the logging level from 'debug'?  The log files are getting out of control...


I assume the level would be changed in the logger.conf file located in '/usr/local/avenda/datapuller/etc' but I dont know what the options are.  I would like some type of logging but not the full debug logging.

Also is there a way to loop between 2 or 3 logging files?



Thank you.


Re: Logging Level CPPM Data Puller

So Data Puller is/was only ever a best-effort/skunk-project, we replaced the functionality of Data-Puller in 6.5 with the ability for CPPM to send the backups to a SCP/SFTP server..... configured under "Admin/External-Server/File Backup Servers".....


I'll check on the Logging level and see if I can locate any info........

Best Regards

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Re: Logging Level CPPM Data Puller

I realize the Data Puller was/is best effort but at this time we do not have plans to move to 6.5 due to the resource requirement changes.  We would have to rebuild 13 servers.  Im sure we are the only ones with this issue.


I think I figured out how to change the file size (green box) and file rotation (red box).  

Can you confirm this and see if we can change the logging level?




Thank you for the time and help. :)

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