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Login loop

Seems that everything is working fine:


1- I get redirected to the login page

2- I login in  - I see account being authenticated in Amigopod and I see account authenticated with role applied on controller

3- Welcome page comes up

4- I click on continue browsing the web

5- I get redirected back to login page



Amigopod - 3.7.3



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Aruba Employee

Re: Login loop

Did you get a chance to look at the config guide we published on integrating the two products? There is the doc and an example file for you to use.





Andy Logan, ACDX
Director, Strategic Account Solutions
Aruba Networks
Aruba Employee

Re: Login loop

Just to confirm, when you get to the welcome page, is the correct post-login role shown?

That post-login role ma not be configured correctly (incorrect firewall policies + captive portal enabled).


Take a look at the guide Andy referenced. 

If you still have any issues, feel free to share some excerpts from your config (captive portal, pre-login and post-login roles)>





Re: Login loop

It sounds like you might be using the sample welcome page from the VRD document.


If that is the case the 'Continue browsing' link is designed to open up a new browser window and direct it to your originally request URL when you first started the web session. Typically this will be your homepage of something similar.


If you look closely at the first page on Amigopod that you are redirected to as part of the association process with the Aruba controller you will see some additional parameters listed in the URL bar. An example is shown below




What you will notice is the controller has captured the original URL requested when you first initiated a web request (in this case and stores this for later use in a url parameter.


It is this address that the sample welcome page is attempting to redirect you to when clicking on the Continue Browsing link.

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Re: Login loop

Got it working..and again my lab controller config bit me in the a$$ again.  I had the initial and post auth roles all screwed up and also the role on Amigopod didn't match the post auth role.


Amigopod is just awesome, testing all kinds of config and features right now.  Great product




Re: Login loop

Thanks for the great feedback on Amigopod - we love it too!!

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