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Looking for Apple TV devices

Rumor is someone has an Apple TV running somewhere on my wifi network.  We block smart devices on the corp network but allow Apple and Android smart devices on the BYOD and Guest network.   I dont think it would be on the BYOD.  


Using AirWave or CPPM is there any way I can track this down.  All I know is a suspect office.  It would have to authenticated so I know I can run a report in CPPM but not sure what to search on in the report to single out Apple TV other than OS and Vendor.  Im not familiar with Apple TV anyone have any tips?  DO they use any special ports I can look for in the controller?



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Re: Looking for Apple TV devices

You could do:
show user-table | include AppleTV


Also, if AirGroup is enabled, you should see it in the AirGroup servers


Another option would be to search the endpoints repository for AppleTVs, then grab the MAC address and throw it in access tracker. You can then grab the AP-name from the RADIUS request.

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