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MAC-Auth Expiry for set time of day.

Is it possible to set the MAC-Auth expiry to a set time of day?  The customer is looking to have all guest endpoints expire at midnight each day. I'm trying to do this through MAC-Auth Expiry as all guest login through a simple click to accept portal using a predefined guest account which never expires.  I've not yet been able to find a filter that would set the expire time for "current day at 11:59PM".  All filters I've seen for Time Source just tag the current time and add the predefined attribute.


Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: MAC-Auth Expiry for set time of day.

You would want to create your own time source attribute.

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Re: MAC-Auth Expiry for set time of day.

I had a similar requirement and I found this post useful to get me started:


You definitely need to play around with the [Time Source] attributes and create your own. Then you can use it in the enforcement policies.


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Re: MAC-Auth Expiry for set time of day.

Thanks, raff.  That was the query example I was searching for.  I took that and modified it to match the requirement.

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