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MAC Vendor not populated for one device



A customer running ClearPass 6.7.9 and they have in the enforcement policy the following condition:

(Authorization:MAB SOURCE SHBMAIN.SHB.BIZ:ou  EQUALS  Accesspoints
AND  (Authorization:[Endpoints Repository]:MAC Vendor  EQUALS  Hewlett Packard Enterprise)


This works fine for all devices except one access point with OUI 808db7.

All access points with this OUI get the MAC vendor attribute populated with Hewlet Packard Enterprise excep one specific AP.


Due to the missing value in the attribute the authentication fails. Is this a know issue?


I have seen this post:

But it looks as this one is related to an older version of ClearPass.

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Jonas Hammarbäck | Aranya AB
Network Architect, ACMA, ACMP, ACCP
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