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MDPS Issue with iOS

Hi All,


I was recently completing a demo of Amigopod and ran into trouble with the MDPS function.


I setup pretty much everything as per default settings and created Wi-Fi and provisioining profiles however when i complete the login and profile download to the IOS device, when i click install i am prompted with an error saying " Could not connect to the server"


The MDPS logs show the following as the last entry.


MDPS Access [id/1/4]: Phase 1 - Send Profile Service     


App User: 

Script:    /mdps_profile.php

Function:  Phase1_SendProfileService

Arguments: (

  'method' => 'GET',

  'scheme' => 'http',

  'host' => '',

  'port' => '80',

  'uri' => '/mdps_profile.php/id/1/4',




I'm thinking that this is probably just a config error however thought i'd throw it out to the forum before i hassle the TAC.





Re: MDPS Issue with iOS



Was your demo setup on an Open SSID by any chance. You might be hitting the challenge of iOS automatically trying to detect the presence of a captive portal enabled network and displayed a mini browser or web sheet. This is known as the Apple Captive Network Assistant and will result in the WiFi being dropped on the client if a successful web authentication is not detected - this causes issues stepping through an enrolment workflow such as the MDPS one you are testing.


Take a look at this feature in Amigopod designed to bypass the display of this mini browser and allow you to leverage the native Safari browser for the entire provisioning process.

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Re: MDPS Issue with iOS

Hi Cam,


Sorry for the delay in responding, yes we were using open SSID and using 5.0.3 on controller so sounds like you're right on the money with this one.


I will suss this out with  the client and see if we can get it going.


Thanks again


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