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Mac Caching with more than one controller

Hi guys,
im facing some problems with this kind of configuration.The network of my client has a some controllers with many differents IP like 192.168.x.x and 172.16.x.x (also there are two type of controllers: motorola & cisco)
when i use the template that ask you to select a wireless controller i think i can summarize all the IP on the same subnet but what about the others IP ? i asked to TAC and they told me to add a new one, i did it but the new mac caching services overwrites the old ones, so i really not sure what to do.
any one has made this configuration before? or is it possible to do it?.

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Re: Mac Caching with more than one controller

Jose, we have multiple vendors and we just have one service for each vendor. We use the same role mapping policy in each service. Just different enforcement policy's.
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Re: Mac Caching with more than one controller


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