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Master controller not authenticating against RADIUS server


  I have a master-local setup running which authenticate against RADIUS server. Everything was working fine, but recently I noticed that once client moved from the local to the master the 802.1x SSID stop working. I checked the pre-shared key between the master controller and the RADIUS server and it is correct and the RADIUS is reachable. Any thought what to do next? Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Master controller not authenticating against RADIUS server

Is the Master controller defined as a NAS client on your NAS? Is there any logs on your RADIUS server which shows the reason as to why it did not authenticate the client? Are the clocks in sync between your Master Controller and the RADIUS server?


You can run the following command on the controller and it will give you some insight if the server is timing out etc.


#show auth-tracebuf


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