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Meraki Switching + CPPM

Hi All,


I found something odd while trying to configure a meraki switch for dot1x with onguard.  The meraki switch works fine if you setup the access policy for 802.1x (no coa or accounting).  This setup was authenticating just fine and dropping down vlans via a cisco wired service I already had in place.  As soon as you enable coa or accounting in the access policy on the Meraki platform the radius request no longer hits the cisco wired service (or any other service i have in place at this point).


One of the things I found in Meraki documentation is for their coa they use rfc 4673, RADIUS Dynamic Authorization Server MIB.  Is there another radius dictionary I can enable to work with this?  Or something else I might be missing?



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Re: Meraki Switching + CPPM

Please provide a packet capture of the RADIUS transaction. You should not need to change anything.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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