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Meridian - CPPM oauth integration

Hello guys,

I'm trying to enhance Meridian app user experience using the oauth integration with CPPM.

I configured the CPPM part, and the tests on this configuration are OK. As you can see in the snapshot, I can get a token for a guest user and then read some info using the token



Then I tried to configure the "User Login" for my Meridian App, as you can see below, but when trying to connect with a Guest Clearpass account (or even when trying to create a new account with the link in the app) nothing seems to happen (it seems it does not even try to access my CPPM server. I tried to put both private and public IP address).



Am I missing something ?




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Re: Meridian - CPPM oauth integration

It will definitely need to be the public IP address.

I would check that you don't have any firewalls blocking the HTTPS request inbound to your Clearpass server and if that is all ok, check the Event Viewer on Clearpass to see if there are any events highlighting that the requests are being dropped.

You can run a packet capture from Clearpass (Administration -> Server Manager -> Server Configuration -> Collect Logs) which would allow you to see whether Clearpass is receiving the HTTPS packets.


Also, if you haven't already log out of the whole system in appviewer and log back in. This may help.

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Re: Meridian - CPPM oauth integration

Wanted to let all of you know that this issue was resolved after the ClearPass HTTPS certificate was changed to a publicly trusted (official) SSL certificate.


So the Meridian integration requires a public certificate on you ClearPass server, a self-signed certificate will not work. Check the ClearPass certificates 101 TechNote if you need more information about certificates on ClearPass.

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